Curating Content, How to Work like Hemingway, and Stylish Font Alternatives

Wheeeeeeee it’s Friday! Tonight we’re having a Gilmore Girl’s marathon, complete with pizza and nothing else (Lorelai and Rory would be bereft), and then sleeping in on Saturday. Simple, uncomplicated, yet I’m so looking forward to it.

On to the links!

How To Curate Content I am in a period of not really wanting to do research on “how to build a brand” or whether or not to price my stuff at whole dollars or .95 or how to grow my facebook business page, but this was shared in one of my Facebook groups and I thought it a very useful infographic and worth the read if you’re wondering how to build your blog/brand.

The Most Important Working Habit of Hemingway This is so, so true. I’m a workaholic, I like working, I like thinking about the issues, but I also observed how great a strain that put on me during our college years. I would develop intense physical issues that made me worry I was dying, but when finals ended and the holidays began those symptoms disappeared. So I cannot be a workaholic, I have to learn how to balance. I put my work aside while the kids are at home and I’m “off work”, and then I pick it back up when I transfer back into “work mode”.

Stylish Font Alternatives I started experimenting with fonts waaaaaaay back when, but I had several teachers complain that I wasn’t sticking to Times New Roman, so that was that. And now I have some catching up to do on what’s in, what’s hot, and what’s not;)

So have a wonderful weekend, my friends. Spend time in nature, put your nose in a book, come away rejuvenated. And as always, Art On!


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