September 2016 Goals and Whether I Met Them

September started out reeeeaaaallllllyyyy slow. I sold a few coloring pages, and while I won’t complain about selling anything, those are my lowest price points, so I was hoping for a bit more. To pay the bills and all.


My goal was 10-15 sales, $100-200 in revenue:

10 sales, $77.50 in revenue

I mentioned in my September Goals post that I had noticed people were buying coloring pages/planners/printables, journals, and bookmarks. I didn’t sell any journals (although I did have an inquiry), but I sold mostly bookmarks, coloring pages, printables, and planners.


My goal was just to keep it regular, and I was pretty close. I also wrote a couple more detailed posts, which I’m fairly proud of. Go me!

Art Fairs

My “death” piece did not make it into the show: it wasn’t death-y enough. I think I should’ve added skulls instead of roses;) But I am in a fall and winter fair, so no worries. I’ll be busy enough.


Yeah I forgot to work on this shop. I’m scared to look.


I received one for a logo design, which makes my day. I’ve had so much fun with this project!


My goal was to separate my business life from my personal life. I think I did a great job this month: I’m off during the “get ready” rush in the morning, and then at 3 I’m off again because all the kids are home and making noise. There were a few days I slipped and worked on something during those times, but overall I kept to those hours.

So how did you do with your September? Did you meet your goals? I’d love to hear!

Art On.

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