October 2016 Goals (Christmas is coming! Christmas is Coming!)

I know that Halloween and Thanksgiving come before Christmas, but Christmas is my favorite, and it’s what I have the most products for. So bring it on!


I really want 15 sales, and $100-300 in revenue. I did sell one of my Christmas book ornaments, so I’m hoping for more sales, and then I’ve created more journals and throws so I’ve got that higher price point.



Continue posting on schedule, and throwing out a few more behind-the-scenes and this-is-my-life ones.

Art Fairs/Shows

If you’re in the Santa Fe area stop by Crossroads Church in Los Alamos-our local fall fair will be held there October 22. I’ll be there, trying to be casual and probably making a book or drawing something so there isn’t any pressure on the buyers.


Look at it? I really do need to upload a few more things and take advantage of there being no monthly fee.


As always, I’m hoping for one. It can be practically anything, bring it on!


It’s Inktober, so I want to draw something every day! I’m thinking mandalas, or maybe word art, I’m not sure. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook for daily updates (which should already be going, if I kept to my resolve;)

So what are your goals for October? Let me know in the comments!

Art On, my friends:)

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