The Fabulous Shops and People I’ll Be Buying From This Holiday Season

(Let’s not mention how many effects I put into my featured image. I’m a newbie and I’m thoroughly enjoying using the drop shadow)

I love buying from small shops and local artists. I haven’t always been able to; there was one Christmas we barely scraped together enough to buy a few things from the Dollar Store. But now that we’ve got jobs and budgets and all of those lovely things I buy from the mom and pops, the small businesses, that local artist. And I’d like to share some of my favorite shops-I meant to expand beyond Etsy, but that’s where I tend to hang out, so they’re all on Etsy.

StargazerHomeDecor (Etsy)

There are many choices for wax melts on Etsy, but I love this shop. The smells! The glitter! The packaging! Always prompt to ship, and I frequently get a sample scent (that I then buy the next time-this is a monthly thing for me). She has other items as well-I just bought one of her Christmas coaster sets.

CervelleDoiseau (Etsy)

Jewelry is another saturated market on Etsy (although which market isn’t?). What drew me to this shop was the fantasy theme I saw throughout-the dreamcatchers and feathers are absolutely gorgeous. She also has different backing options, which is a thing I have to look for with our sensitive ears.

SensibleSoapWorks (Etsy)

The pumpkin spice soap: zomg. It really does smell like pumpkin spice, with an emphasis on the spice. I am absolutely in love with this soap and will be ordering more. She has other scents too;)

Tammyneedletrinkets (Etsy)

This is a newer shop, but I saw the cutest little spider trinkets on sale in her shop and bought them for my kids in celebration of Halloween. Absolutely adorable, fast shipping, reasonable prices.

PaintRainbowPrints (Etsy)

I own a print of the wolf painting, and I want to own more. Her artwork is simply gorgeous.

FriendlyBodyProduct (Etsy)

Eco-friendly body products. I bought a gift set for my mom, and she loved it!

Katie’s Custom Jewelry (Etsy)

Chainmail jewelry with Celtic overtones: I was/am so in love with her products! This is where I’ll be directing Kerry this Christmas (he likes buying me jewelry). I bought one of her candle holders for my SIL and she loved it.

MorgansGoatSoap (Etsy)

It might be apparent by now that I like scented soaps:) Her coffee soap is just delicious-remember that you’re not supposed to eat it!

RooCatCurios (Etsy)

We are friends in virtual real life, and I always joke that she should post everything on Facebook because it all sells within seconds. She does polymer clay, art, really whatever occurs to her. I’ve bought several pieces, and will be buying more!

TeeHeeJewelryDesign (Etsy)

My first experience with this shop was when we were moving from Amarillo to Los Alamos. I entered the wrong address, and in a panic messaged the owner. I will never forget her reply: “It’s ok, I’ll take care of it”. Simple phrase, but I was so impressed with the customer service. Her jewelry appeals to me on all fronts: beads, steampunk, fantasy … I need more fun money!

So there you are: the Etsy shops I’ve bought from and love. I encourage you, if you are able, to buy local and buy small. Us small business folks appreciate it, and appreciate you.

Art On, my friends!

2 thoughts on “The Fabulous Shops and People I’ll Be Buying From This Holiday Season

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