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Oh my, you guys. I was bit by the creative bug.

And so I made paper wreaths, because that’s what you do.

And yes, this is listed in the shop, because it was the 4th wreath I made today and I have learned and grown in this artist life and kept the first two as prototypes (because the first ones never work out quite right, in my experience).prototype.jpg

This was my first one. The glitter balls did not cooperate.

This is the second wreath. I love it but it’s too big for me to ship cheaply so I think I’ll just display at local fairs for now.

And this is the other wreath up in the shop.

I have ideas for further variations-I really just was getting comfortable with materials, spacing, and how not to burn myself with the hot glue gun today. I want to learn how to make paper flowers, because that would be nifty. And tie legit bows, because that also would look good.

So until next time, Art On, my friends! I’ll be over here nursing my singed fingers and learning how to fold flowers.

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