How October Was and How I Hope November Will Be.

Guys, October was a bummer. I talked about how to survive a slow craft show but Etsy was crickets as well, so I’m glad it’s over and that America is getting the political shenanigans out of the way today (election years are poop for many retail stores, because no one wants to spend money). Hopefully tomorrow people will want to spend money again.



My goal was 10-15 sales and $100-300 in revenue.

I had 7 orders, and $175.95 in revenue. So I guess it wasn’t as bad as I had thought (and that’s why I do these).

Art Fairs

I made back my booth fee. I also got some good tips about other shows I should try, and encouragement from veteran artisans, so we can also consider this a win.


I did redo and add many listings, but crickets. I don’t know how to market on Amazon at all, and I’m concerned that my prices are just too high.


I had a commission for journals, which was really fun to make.


I got distracted by the art fair and journal-making so I did not complete inktober. Oh well, there’s always next year!

So that’s October.



10-15 sales and $100-500 in worth it revenue. It’s the month before Christmas … theoretically I could be getting some big sales.

Art Fairs

I have one on the 19th, so here’s hoping. I would really like to make more than just my booth fee, and I’m terrified that I won’t make that since the last one bombed.


Not going to do anything with that this month, too busy elsewhere.


Already have one, if you’d like me to do something let me know before December 1st!


I’ve been in a funk lately. I don’t think it’s the changing of the season, if anything I’ve got the opposite of SAD, but I’ve had some bad days. I’m trying to concentrate on the joys of crafting, and on the joys of the season-it wasn’t too long ago that I was in retail FT and had no time to celebrate anything. But maybe that’s it: I enjoyed the hustle and bustle and I miss working in that atmosphere.

So that’s October and November for you on this cold Tuesday (at least where I am). Art On, my friends, even when crickets are all the response you get-it is worth it!

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