This last week was rough. But that isn’t news, really.

It did affect my ability to create, however. This is not a political space (that’s for my personal Facebook page and somewhat on Twitter), so I won’t go there, but last week I was already battling the lie of depression. The pure hate, the vitriol, the derisiveness, the meanness of social media-that didn’t make it any better. I couldn’t get up off the couch, much less create anything.

What did make it better was seeing so many people encouraging the creatives, telling them to continue, that the world needs their voices. I’m not sure that what I do speaks to the current situation in America, but it does help me. I create because it’s the best thing I’ve found to combat the lie, the lie that kept me battling an eating disorder (plus other things) for eight years, the lie that came with PPD, the lie that still likes to visit occasionally.

So my point today is that it doesn’t matter whether or not your art speaks into a political or social situation. If it only affects you, keeps you in the game, that is enough, because you are needed. You are loved.

Art On, my friends. I’m still recovering, so I don’t have energy for more, but art on.

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