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I’m a leather worker.

I’m about to segue into gaming territory;)

So back when I first met Kerry World of Warcraft was our game of choice. I rolled a female dwarf hunter and had no idea what I was doing, but I had a lot of fun wandering around the snow capped mountains that surrounded Ironforge (oh my gosh, I might need to play again …). Later on I rolled Angharad, my main, a night elf hunter, and with her I figured out the mechanics of truly playing WoW. This included leatherworking.

I loved leatherworking in WoW. You could make such cool things, and since at the time I did not consider myself an artist I figured that was as close as I’d ever get to leatherworking. Little did I know ….

I can call myself a RL (real life) leatherworker at long last. I used a heavier leather (6/7 oz) than recommended because my first visit to our local Tandy’s was overwhelming and I kind of just grabbed random things, but I dyed it a beautiful oxblood color and quite literally bent the leather to my will. I used the French Stitch, sewing directly into the leather, and then had a piece of rustic-looking twine that I used to tie it all together (I had nothing else to use, so I was being resourceful).

It’s in the shop, and remember to use the code CHRISTMAS2016 for 10% off if you see anything you like. I’ve already sewn another leather journal and have plans to make more, so stay tuned!!!

Happy Monday, everyone. I’m trying to get there myself, it’s always tough after a holiday week.

And of course, Art On.

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