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November Goals (and whether I met them) and what I hope December has in store.

November was my biggest month ever! Kinda nice given my fair that month FLOPPED. I have hopes that by next year November/December will be absolutely hopping for me as I continue to expand my offerings and improve SEO.


My goal was 10-15 sales and $100-500 in revenue (how’s that for a range?). Here are the stats:

20 orders and $276.96 in sales


Art Fairs

Do I have to talk about it? I paid $150 for my booth space and made $75 that day. The upper is that I did make some money back, that day I wasn’t sure I would. Another upper is that if I count all of my booth fees together and then weigh that against total art fair sales I did make a small profit.


It’s open?


I had a large one encompassing several different ornaments/prints/etc and it doubled what I made via Etsy (self high five).


My goal was to enjoy the season, and I’ve been trying. Christmas music on while I manage my shop in the mornings, decorations are up, and last month we tried to have a full Thanksgiving experience. So a win!

And now for December:


I’m so close to 200 sales. So my goal is big: 25 orders, $200-400 in revenue. Maybe we’ll get there …

No art fairs this month.


It’s open, that’s about all I can say. I just don’t have enough time right now.


Depending on what it is I’d accept a commission but not for a Christmas item … not enough time at this point.


I’ve taken up leatherworking. I’m waiting on Christmas to buy anything else (it’s all I’ve requested:) but as soon as I have my stamp set (there’s an Old English one I have my eye on) and I’ve gotten the perfect leather I’ll be rapidly expanding what I offer. I’m so excited!

So that’s it! I’m under the weather today but I’m hoping I feel better tomorrow because I have 4 open orders … that’s the most I’ve -ever- had.

Art On, my friends!

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