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We’re only halfway there …

Oh my gosh, you guys. It’s been hopping. I’ve met my December goals and it’s only the 12th … who knows what will happen in the next week!

But I’ve been so very busy. I’m not exactly optimized for speed, I’ve just not had that many orders, so I could definitely streamline my business more … but that doesn’t help me now. Right now I’m staying up late, getting up early, asking Kerry to make the post office runs …

And I’m having so much fun. I’ve worked so hard this year, putting in 40+ hours/week, without seeing huge gains. Until November, which was my biggest month at 20 orders, and now this month, with 25. I’ve increased sales by 150% over last year (I think it’s 150% …. 3 orders last year during November and December, 45 so far this year) so I can only imagine what next year will be like, given that I’m increasing my journal and blanket sections (which have been my biggest sellers online).

And I try not to be sales-pitchy here but there is still time to order stuff and have it get there by Christmas! Use the code CHRISTMAS2016 for 10% off, and visit to shop (that order should probably be reversed … ).

Happy Monday, you guys. And Art On!

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