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A -brief- look at my studio and art life.

The Christmas rush seems to be over for me-so yay! I have time to do things again-but also nooo because I was wondering just how many orders I’d get and wasn’t quite ready for all the fun to stop. But I had a fabulous month, my best yet on Etsy, so this isn’t complaining. Not really. Maybe a little. Anyway.

Since the cha-chings have stopped I decided to revamp my studio, something it’s been needing for quite awhile. I’m going to expand more into leatherworking, possibly sewing, and for sure more arm-knitting, so I needed to utilize my storage space much better than I have been. I’m also adding more storage shelves in January.

This is what it all looked like before:


This was taken after a shipping spree so EVERYTHING was out and about. I knew I needed a shipping station because I could never find anything … not what you want happening when you’ve got a pile of orders to get out:)


And this is what it looks like right now. Still cramped, but it will always look like that-I need to see what I have to work with. I made my green desk my shipping station so hopefully shipping supplies will stay in one spot (that remains to be seen!).

I also put up more artwork, went through old artwork, discovered things I thought I had lost, and was delighted to find supplies I didn’t know I had (saving money!!!). I know it’ll get messy again as soon as I launch into another project but for now I’m reveling in my organized studio.

What have you been up to, my friends?

And as always,

Art On.

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