December 2016: The Time We Were Really Really Busy

Normally I wait til the end of the month to do my recap but I’m putting the shop on vacation this Wednesday so close enough. It’s been an awesome month, and although there’s no guarantee that every year will be similar I have high hopes for 2017 (but that’s a later thought smorgasbord).


I set the bar really high with 25 orders and $200-400 in revenue being my goals.

-drum roll-

41 orders, $729.50 in revenue


No Art Fairs.

Amazon was crickets.

Not enough time for commissions.


I wanted to work on leatherworking and plan out future purchases and I did that: I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to that research.

So this week I’ll be making stuff for family members, putting the shop on vacation, and just vegging. I have so many ideas for next year, they’re percolating, but I’m NOT making anything new: I need a break.

I love that I need a break.

So how are you, my friends, this lovely Monday morning? Ready for the holiday you celebrate? And as always, Art On.

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