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Wordy Weekend Links

Why Don’t You Matter? Why You Do Matter! This article had me nodding in agreement. Words -do- matter, despite the little ditty claiming the contrary (you know, “sticks and stones might hurt my bones but words will never hurt me”) and how we deploy them does affect how we see ourselves and the world around us. Also, if you’re an Etsy seller, I highly recommend following her blog: she puts out SEO recommendations for each holiday.

One thing I’m adding to my routine this year. If you make no other “resolution”, I recommend this one. The greatest leaps I’ve ever made that involve cogitating come after I ingest loads of information … and then walk away. I like to say my brain is “percolating” and I feel I’m accurate when I say that: my subconscious (or whatever, I’m not really up on brain functions) is collating information, making connections, etc, and then when I return to the source material I feel utterly brilliant because I have the best insights. The trick is, of course, to remember to incorporate those think sessions …

The X-Stitch for Bookbinders I’m a visual learner, so I usually look for either books (I find I retain information better if I read from an actual page) or videos. This one is absolutely fabulous, very clear instructions, easy to see what she’s doing … I probably need to go and see if she has any other instructional videos. And here’s how I applied this stitch:



So have a great weekend! We’re on a 3-day so I anticipate cleaning, prepping meals, maybe going for a run, and then stealing away to the studio to make pretties. Make sure you Art On as well!

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