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Rugged Beauties and another round of ickies …

For realz, make it stop ….

I got through this round better than last time but my youngest had their first upchuck session and Kerry is not at the top of his game. I gotta say, my orders time themselves well … I didn’t have any during the time I felt unwell (not that I would’ve touched them anyway … I like to be 100%).

I have made a few new journals from this brown distressed leather that I am just in love with. I’m making another one … it’s going to have turquoise beads on the spine and I have a hole pattern in mind for the border. I want to submit this one for the local art shop jury … it’s a tough one to pass but I’m wondering if my journals might just be my ticket.

So we’re going to be over here, recuperating, praying that the other kiddos get a pass. And eating the gummy vitamin c like it’s candy. Which it is, if you think about it.

So Art On, my friends. And thank goodness it’s almost the weekend …

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