Pink and Mermaids.

Do bloggers still do Wordless Wednesdays? Back in the day that was a thing, so I co-opted the idea, but I have the feeling that I’m lagging behind with the dinosaurs.

No matter.

We drove down the mountain this weekend so I could buy supplies from all my stores in one fell swoop (the bead store, Staples, Michaels, and Tandy’s). By the time we got to Tandy’s I was completely worn out (I don’t like shopping …) but I had enough energy left to peruse the sales and I ended up buying a lovely pink shade and a clearance piece that I’ve been describing as “crinkled white leather with green sparkles”. I haven’t gotten a good picture of the white leather-I actually ordered another backdrop with it in mind, it’s a bit darker so I hope it’ll contrast better-but it really is shiny and pretty.

You can find the pink here, and the mermaid journal here. I currently buy my vinyl backdrops from PixelPerfectPrint; I looked at several different shops before settling on them-they had both reasonable prices AND solid reviews, and they are US-based. I don’t mind ordering internationally but I tend to get impatient about my supplies and want them here yesterday;)

I’ll be submitting journals this weekend (hopefully) for a local art gallery’s jury … I need to compile a photo shoot so I can show them off. I also am kicking around the idea of attempting a Kickstarter campaign for my next coloring book … I need to make sure my timeline corresponds to other timelines, so on and so forth. And then I need to make sure I apply for upcoming local shows-just four this year, I don’t know that I have the wherewithal to attempt more, but of course we’ll see.

A busy spring for sure.

So Art On, my friends-always keep moving forward!

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