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I did not “Art On” this week.

I hesitate to proclaim on social media that we’re sick, because that could put off potential buyers -but- the simple truth is we have been sick for over two weeks now. I succumbed last Friday with an awful, head-in-the-vise sinus something that also felt like flu and I’m still weak and prone to lying on the couch. I can assure my customers that I did not handle anything without copious amounts of hand-washing and glove-putting-on, and actually my orders timed themselves well-I had nothing on the worst days (it did not occur to me to put my shop in vacation mode).

I had no desire to create anything. I wanted to be on the couch with my warm drinks, ibuprofen, blankets, and a book. I managed to re-read the entire Amelia Peabody series (I read fast: there are around 22 volumes in that series I think) and am left with the feeling that we should leave everything behind, buy an RV, and start exploring/solving mysteries (Amelia Peabody is, along with her husband Emerson, an Egyptologist who manages to stumble on dead bodies every year). I don’t actually want to do that, but 22 volumes does a number on one.

Yesterday I did make it back into my studio and I set up another shelving unit for my copious amounts of leather. I finished two journals that had been languishing, and I listed one. I will list the other today (it had to dry). After those efforts I once again collapsed on the couch in the warm sunshine and thought of Egypt (which led to a wikipedia smorgasbord) and sipped my Throat Coat tea (the best thing ever, look in the herbal aisle at your local supermarket).

Today I am back in the studio, typing this up (obviously;), taking listing photos, and pondering what I “feel” like making. I might not make anything, since I’m not getting any “sparks”, if you will, and my workout this morning left me exhausted. But I’m well enough that the thought of spending the day reading does not bring warm fuzzies … I want to be doing something. But I don’t wanna. But I really do. So maybe I’ll go out into the sunshine and fend off the deer that want to eat all of the green things in my front yard and seek inspiration from nature. I hope that come Monday we’ll all be feeling well and that the creative spark comes back and that I’ll have pretties to show you.

In the meantime, I will still say “Art On”, unless you really need to be on the couch lazing in the warm sunshine.

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