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Spring is coming.


I’ve noticed that now we live in an area that experiences the four seasons we’ve become cyclical … during the winter our activity slows down, we tend to watch more shows and read more books, and we both tend to pack on a pound or two. But once spring starts showing up we dust off our running shoes and start living outdoors more, that pound or two drops off, and we glory in the nature that is all around us.

I think the seasons affect my artistry as well (effect? I have trouble with that one). I’ve had visions flash through my head but it’s cold, the weather is dismal, I don’t want to draw. I made journals instead, journals that you can hunker down with beside the fire and a steaming cup of coffee. But even that is changing: I bought bright spring-y fabrics this week and introduced a new line of colorful journals into the shop.

So today I’m going to bask in the sunshine and delight in the flowers making their shy appearance and let the inspiration flow.

Art On, my friends:)

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