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A tour of my studio. In black and white.

I’ve been waiting for the moment I clean everything up and put everything back in place, but I am one of those people that destroy in order to create and putting it all back together takes precious time away. Not to say I never clean up, I do, but it never looks “amazing” and like those awe-inspiring artist’s studios various organizations feature. So I took pictures on a normal day in black and white, because that felt more forgiving;)

Where all of the bookbinding and photo shoots take place. On the left is my bookbinding table (it’s ALWAYS a mess) and on the right is my photo shoot setup (it actually remains somewhat organized). In the middle is where my journals/leather/book sculptures are stored, strategically placed by energy-efficient curtains so the sunlight doesn’t warp the pages.
This used to be my center of operations because that’s where my laptop goes. Since we rearranged our house the tv that was near my studio is gone, so my youngest gets to watch shows here instead.
My paper station. I’ll sometimes bring my journal supplies to our tv room so I can watch the kids while I work, and here you see how I “cleaned” it up (I dumped it right here;).
My shipping station. I keep all cardboard boxes and filler that I receive and I reuse the bits that have no logos on them. I also keep a supply of USPS priority mail packages, all other packaging supplies, my tea stash, and my scent warmer.
Here you can see the influence of my youngest. Apparently spilling water all over the floor and shredding bits of tissue paper into it was amazing fun;) To the left is my printer station, although I had to move my professional printer closer to our router because it was stopping in the middle of printing. Hopefully once we get a booster I can put it back.
A closer look at my photo station.
This is why I have a hard time finding all my tools, this desk really does get messy. Also note my stack of textbooks: when you don’t have a bookpress you improvise:)
And this is where I work. I didn’t have enough of a lovely mermaid-ish leather to make a larger journal so I’m preparing a shorter piece to be sewn with another glittery piece so I can utilize every last scrap.

And there you are. My studio in all its messy glory (although all products are treated with gloved fingers once they’re completed).

Art On, my friends!

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