Twas my birthday week.

And it was lovely.

The kids were off so I spent most of my week reading on the couch while they lazed about. I completed a few projects, tidied up the studio (a never-ending task), and in general ignored everything else.

To add to the gorgeousness of this week: no one smeared poop over ANYTHING on my actual birthday (they apparently have a penchant for doing this activity on important days like anniversaries and birthdays;) -and- my parents and brothers remembered my birthday. We have a very lackadaisical approach to the important things; I adore my parents and brothers (and I’m guessing it’s reciprocal) but we tend not to communicate very often. Perhaps it’s the introvert in us, not to mention my brothers are always working on one of their freelance projects and I can’t say I’m less busy at this point.

My flowers!
My birthday food!

Next week I’ll be back in the saddle, so to speak, but having these weeks of NOTHING is just so important. I get to feeling like Bilbo (LOTR) …. stretched thin, feeling empty, and weeks like these restores my normally workaholic self.

So Art On, my friends! Or take a break to read/play/have fun;)

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