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I don’t know all the words.

I’m an artist who doesn’t really know how to talk about art.

I know terms like “abstract” and “modern” but any further breakdown into categories and I’m completely lost. The same with techniques: I’ve probably done a few of them but that’s just experimenting; I’d look at you blankly if you were to give those techniques a proper name.

More recently I was wanting little tags with the word “wanderlust” stamped on them. I described it in my seller’s group exactly like that, and was later informed that the word I was looking for was “engraving” (done in the kindest way).

With bookbinding I’ve expended a bit more effort and know many of the names, as I think a luxury boutique selling journals at my price point should be knowledgeable, but there are gaps, especially when it comes to leatherworking: I know how to use the tools but not what they’re called.

My point is, though, that I know how to do all these things. I’ve stumbled my way into the art world, blithely ignoring textbooks and guides and simply doing, sounding like I don’t have a clue but creating nonetheless. And I think art should be approached this way. I’ve seen many people blanch at the thought of taking an art class, overwhelmed by the terms/supplies/techniques … and really all they need to do is put pen to paper or paintbrush to canvas. The rest can be learned on an as-needed basis, as you figure out what mediums call to you and what you want to accomplish/speak with your art.

So Art On, my friends, and don’t worry about figuring everything out. Just do;)

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