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Literary Jewelry

I deactivated all my book necklaces in preparation for redoing all of them … I’m still waiting on some components but I had an idea and that turned into three new listings;) I also redid the pictures … I can’t bring myself to do just a white background, doing interesting things with photography is THE WHOLE POINT of selling through Etsy (not really, but if I’m going to be artistic it’s the place to be artistic) … so I tried photographing them like I do my bookmarks.

I also decided I’ll only use my handmade paper in these little book necklaces … the ruffled edges make me swoon, surely I’m not alone in that? And I’m leaving edges rough, because it contrasts so nicely with the sterling silver.

You can find all three in the store, and look for more to come … I also really should make one for myself. I don’t make things for me … which always strikes me as funny. And then sad.

So Art On, my friends. I’m having a hide-my-head week over here, and I’m doing just the things I find beautiful in the moment.

Happy Wednesday!

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