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I made something for me. Because I’m a momma and it’s almost Mother’s Day.

In a funky twist, I will not be home for Mother’s Day. I’m off to what is currently my family’s hometown (they’ve all said they’re not staying … but they haven’t moved yet;) to celebrate a baby and do Mother’s Day with my own mother. I’m rather looking forward to this … I’ll get to have a peaceful and quiet Mother’s Day luncheon and then return that evening to my wild and loud children.

To facilitate my travels I made myself a sketchbook holder:

I rarely make things for myself so I figured it was time. I did take listing photos and will put the option up in the shop once I get back (I am on VACAY). I also made a few other drool-worthy travel journals (and my first-ever passport holder!):

These will all be available in the shop once I’m back and recovered from having fun. Sign up for my newsletter-with holidays and fairs coming up I’ll be motivating myself to send out a few with unique coupon codes (I’m dreaming of the day when my youngest is in school and I’m not desperately trying to get everything done around the edges of life).

So have fun, my friends!!! And remember: Art On. I’ll be drawing and relaxing, hopefully:)

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