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DIY: Deckled Edge Paper

Definition of deckle edge: the irregular, untrimmed edge of handmade paper, often used for ornamental effect in fine books and stationery

This was one of those projects I put off for far too long. I love deckle edge paper, I want to use it for everything …. and it’s so simple to make!

Items Needed:

Paper (any kind, I’m using 70lb drawing paper … not handmade as per the definition, but oh well)

Straight Edge (I’m using my t-ruler)

Paper Trimmer

Cutting Board (totally optional)

Step 1:

Cut your paper, adding an extra 1/2″ to account for the ripping and tearing you’ll do later. For a sheet that measures 7×10″ (for use in my 5×7″ journals) I’ll cut 10.5×7.5″.


Step 2:

Gather your cutting board (optional) and straight edge (really not optional). I find that hanging the paper over the edge of the cutting board makes the tearing easier: I’m not having to pry the edge of the paper off of my surface.


Step 3:

Tear! I eyeball it: leave 1/4″ to tear, more or less.


Work your way around the edges.



Step 4:

Admire the pretty paper you just made!

Final Thoughts:

Some guides I read (because I believe in google) wet the edges … I did not notice enough of a difference to employ that step, but it’s worth a try to see what you think.

And if you want to use deckle edged paper but don’t want to make it yourself, I sell it;)

Art On, my friends: there are so many beautiful things to make!

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