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Don’t just dab the leather, douse. Douse it hard.

In the continuing saga of me teaching myself leatherworking I have discovered an important thing. A thing that was mentioned but not emphasized. Or maybe I wasn’t paying attention (that is a distinct possibility).

When embossing (and I’m referencing cold stamping, not hot), douse the leather you want to imprint. And then douse the underside (I don’t know if this is strictly necessary, but I do it and my results have been fantastic). Wait until most of the water has been absorbed, dip your stamp into the water (seriously, I notice a difference when I do this), and then pound away (I can’t decide if my sentence is naughty … I’m leaving it;)


Before taking the time to soak my leather my results were sporadic at best, “now I need to throw away this leather” at worst.


And now they’re consistent. We can quibble over my letter placement (it was TOTALLY DELIBERATE, by which I mean it didn’t occur to me that the “d” wouldn’t fit in with the other letters but now we’re saying it was on purpose for artistic effect. Affect? Bah) but the embossing itself looks wonderful.

So Art On, my friends. There is always something new to learn.


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