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LOOK AT MAH BUTT. Or the leather tool belt that I made. Whatevs.

I made a tool belt. And modeled it. Myself. Fortunately I have a SIL who told me how to go about modeling (although any mistakes are my own, her photos are fabulous). The entire time my eldest was snapping photos I was thinking “LOOK AT MAH BUTT!!!!!!” because I was turning slightly sideways. Because I remember that being a thing one does when taking selfies.

It’s got like seven pockets and is 24″ long. I had some trouble with the belt (first I underestimated the length, then it was too long) but I’m happy with how it turned out. And right now it’s holding all my most-used leatherworking tools which means I can actually find them;)


Oiled pigskin. Turns out it’s too oily for me, but it’s rugged and was the perfect thing for this project.
Eight pockets, not seven. I CAN COUNT.

This isn’t listed in the shop, but if I get murmurs of interest it might be something I add. I’ll be wearing it at my craft shows so we’ll see how that goes.

And now I’m slowly working on stocking up for those shows and adding things like banners/new logo/new business cards/new products entirely. Should be fun!!!

And art on, my friends. Art on.


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