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The State of Wordsremember.

I’ve shared our story a couple of times but I don’t mind repeating it, because we worked so hard for the outcome and we’re both rather proud of ourselves.

Short form: we went back to school with a toddler and no money, soon had another kid and he joined the military both for the experience and also because healthcare. We both worked part-time while going to school and eventually homeschooled those kids and then (dramatic music) …. the funding ran out. So I went after a promotion at work and stopped taking classes: I was about seven classes short of my degree at that point. But he finished his degree and landed a job that would eventually lead to another job that would enable me to also finish. Another kid joined us, we had some financial pile-ups, and this year is really the first year that it was practical for me to contemplate finishing. So I applied to ASU.

My kids also informed me that this year they wanted to be homeschooled and gave me a good rational for doing so. I want them to practice self-determination so the paperwork has been submitted and curriculum ordered. We’ve also scheduled our lives on google calendar and pretty much every hour is accounted for, because after a series of health issues us older ones are committed to taking better care of ourselves and we’re working out at our local YMCA several days a week.

I’m also keeping Wordsremember going, because that is my outlet and also I was really looking forward to seeing how I did this Christmas, given that last Christmas surprised me (in a good way: I had my biggest month to date). But … I’ll be transitioning to only ready-to-ship items and taking the “customize” option off, because I doubt my ability to run a business, homeschool the kids, keep up with homework, and work out regularly. Not to mention keeping the house somewhat clean and eating things other than sandwiches.

So that is where I’m at this Friday. I’m redoing our schedules and lists and reinforcing the sanctity of “studio time” because it will be limited in the months to come. I’ve also been a busy bee and I’ve made several new products that I think will be smash hits:

All travel-themed, all passport-ready;) You can find these at

So Art On, my friends. The learning never stops!

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