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All the new things.

What with school, the Christmas season, and fair season … ugh. I have no words. But I’ve made the things, so I’ll show them to you.

Rugged passport wallet … this is one of my favorite leathers at the moment. Space for your passport, papers, and cards.

This gorgeousness happened because of a customer request. There are four pockets -inside- the roll, with a zipper to keep them all inside.

Same inspiration as the last roll but with outside pockets in addition to the large zippered pouch. I adore this design and will be making more.

This fun “mermaid” leather has glitter and that glitter gets EVERYWHERE. I’ve put a notice on all of my listings about it, because I know people who resent random glitter attacks:)

This baby contains tea-stained, yet proper pH, pages. I used pH testing strips to add enough baking soda to counteract the tea. And it looks amazingly cool.

I’ll be at the Los Alamos Rodeo/Summer Fair thingamajig this weekend, hoping it doesn’t rain too badly and that I make back my booth fee. It’ll be the first debut for my leather products and I have no idea how they’ll be received … here’s hoping:)

Have a great weekend, my friends, and Art On!

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