Art · Chainmaille

I’m a chainmaille addict. Halp.

We went to GenCon50 (more on that later) and I took classes on bookbinding (to see if I was missing any crucial bit of knowledge) and also chainmaille … it took me the whole class to figure out what was going on (and indeed, that was the whole class … figuring out how to make a basic 4-in-1) but I absolutely loved the possibilities of the craft.

I’ve gotten the hang of the Byzantine and Full Persian patterns and am currently waiting on a ring order to tackle more patterns. I’ve ordered from The Ringlord, Weave Got Maille, and The Chainmail Dude (no affiliate links, just sharing what I’ve come across thus far). Lots of great tutorials are on Pinterest and I’ve bought a few off of Etsy … did I mention I’m in love?

I’m hoping to debut some stainless steel necklaces at my upcoming fall fair (October 21 at Crossroads if you’re in the Los Alamos/Santa Fe area!). I’ll also have some leather wrap bracelets and pirate journals (aaaargh matey!) … I’ve been a busy little bee;)

As always, Art On … I’ve certainly been doing so:)

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