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All the New Shinies

I got out my new watercolor set and let the muse flow. You can buy the print or a postcard!

Remember to laugh! You can buy the print or a postcard and gift to yourself or your favorite yogi:)

The family that games together stays together … I’ve been having so much fun making leather and chainmail dice bags! You can find the section here.

My current magnum opus … a luscious leather hardcover with faux deckled pages and steampunk fripperies. You can find this beauty here.

Isn’t this leather luscious? Such a gorgeous plum color. I’ve got a standard-sized, pirate, and pocket journal.

No shows scheduled yet for this year but I’ll be applying to some Ren Faires with my fingers crossed! I attended my first Ren Faire when I was 17 (I got to ride a camel) and I thought it would just be so cool to one day have a booth. This was before I had any measurable skills so it’s pretty cool to be sitting pretty on some applications:)

Art On!

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