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New Product: Miniature Book Edition


If you follow me on social media you’ll likely be aware that I’m working on a super-secret, cannot yet reveal what it is project (yes I’m an awful teaser) (if you want updates/thoughts I recommend following me on IG, as it is where I spend the most time and where I tend to ramble on about various subjects). But I also found out that I’ve been accepted into the Santa Fe Renaissance Faire so I cannot just rest on my laurels … I’ve got to spiffy the shop just a bit and add new product!

These little minis are just too cute, I can’t even. Many of them can be personalized!

I am going to literally throw them in a box (the one pictured, in fact) when setting up my booth: I think it will be a fun way to display them! (also it takes up less space but that’s not as fun of a reason;)

You can find these in the shop, as always, and if you’re in the area come on by the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair!

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