Self Care as a Small Business Owner and Momma.


This is me, after I had wiped away tears and managed to hug my youngest, who had refused to go to VBS. Not a big deal, right? Except that apparently it was. I’ve been with my kids for eleven years now … as a military spouse keeping everything together solo, an attachment parent even though I don’t like people touching me, a homeschooling maven, and now as a full-time mompreneur. It’s no more than any parent has to do, we all have our own unique set of challenges that we face and have overcome, but I do find that self-care as a creative is …. challenging. Because what is fun! and self-fulfilling! is also my business that I run. I have fun doing it, don’t get me wrong, and I think it’s incredible/amazing/WOW that I have the luxury of time, finances, and space to pursue it … but what do I do for fun now? How do I make something without seeing dollar signs and calculating in my head what the cost-per-item is?

I don’t know.

Today I googled _how to relax workaholic_ (because even on off days I wander into my studio). The answer_ Write it on your agenda, along with a list of approved relaxation activities and the intention of ordering .jpg

So I googled, and what I found may help. I’m not sure, I haven’t had time to fully implement the strategies because one of my children managed to make the all-star team and there is no time left over. We are straggling into bed, struggling to wake ourselves up. And it’s worth it, my kid is having the absolute best time, but argh. Tired 30s indeed. When there is time, however, I plan on trying the following strategy:

  1. Make a list of things that sound fun and are not business-related.
  2. Schedule a day to do those things.
  3. I am only allowed to do those things.

That’s it. That’s my plan. And I have to tell you, it sounds magical.

So what’s your strategy for self-care? I thought I was doing ok until today’s absolute parental meltdown but obviously I need to do better. Or do nothing. I feel like I’m pressuring myself now.

And as always … art on. Maybe not the artsy stuff that you do for your job but do something fun.

One thought on “Self Care as a Small Business Owner and Momma.

  1. Wow, memories of the busy years! Relax on the minutes you have set aside, & pray. If you nap, that’s okay, your guardian angel will finish your prayer (i believe) you will be able to find non business todos on outings with adult friends when you have more minutes (dare i say? Hours?) Keep healthy, keep connected. Peace.


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