Steel Delights (or “Oh Crap I Forgot It’s Been 11 Years!” gift)

I’ve been steadily chipping away at my super secret, huge and awesome project (hopefully I’ve mentioned it? I’m too blargh and blah to go through older posts to find out for myself) but I’ve not had much time left over to work on other things. Until yesterday, when I got out my chainmail supplies and (finally!) made some things.


The color of these swarovski pendants reminded me of champagne, which then inspired the Byzantine bracelet. I know that the Byzantine weave is one of the most common, but to me it still evokes an elegant and sophisticated air.

You can find the set here.

I also had a darker pair of swarovski crystals that stumped me for a bit, until I discovered that I had also purchased bright aluminum twisted rings. I paired all of that with some stainless steel and voila.


I am in love with those twisted rings. In true chainmailler style I have completely forgotten why I ordered them, but I’m sure I can come up with something.

You can find this set here.

I also “found” my abalone shells (by which I mean I put them in a super safe place and then forgot about them).


I again turned to the Byzantine weave for these and used stainless steel rings. I was once asked why I predominantly stick with the stainless and it mostly has to do with the weight … aluminum rings are amazingly pretty but they don’t quite feel right to me, at least in things like earrings.

You can find these earrings here.

I’ll be at the Santa Fe Ren Faire September 15&16th and I’ll have all of my chainmail and leather pieces with me! If you live in the area stop by and say hello; I’ll be the one in the Ren Faire costume with glasses and tattoos. Totally authentic.


Until next time … art on:)

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