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Grey Dreams and Luscious Lavenders

Welcome 2019!

2018 was a doozy, and the Christmas season completely wiped me out. Thank you to everyone who shopped small and handmade: you allow us small creators to pursue our dreams.

When I finally wandered back into the studio after collapsing over the Christmas break I was drawn to my grey and lavender leathers … I still am. I cannot get over how beautiful they are.

Whispering Dreams” and “Twilight Dreams” (“dreams” seems to be a theme this year;)
These beauties are 4×6″ and contain 200 pages. You can find them in this section of the shop.
Another look at “Whispering Dreams”.
The entire grey collection (you can find all of them in the shop).

In addition to these lovelies I am working on a faux leather section, for the vegans/vegetarians and those looking for a lower-cost alternative to leather. I finally ordered in a logo stamp so I also am sketching out some new wallet patterns-that’s a section I want to greatly expand this year. My pliers have also been calling to me so the jewelry section will be getting some attention … look out for some scalemaille projects soon! I do plan on applying for some fairs this year, I’ll update the site as acceptances (or rejections) roll in.

And as always, art on;)

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