What Happened To Me In 2019

Last I left you, I had a super secret project in the works. I finished that project (full story details to come later), we decided to move, I added a Renaissance Faire section to the shop and my amazing and awesome customers lost their collective minds and sold me out month after month. December was especially hard as we (oh yeah, I’m a we, Wordsremember isn’t alone anymore) tried out a new fair and I struggled to keep pace with the Christmas orders.

I found purple dye!

2020 is also starting out with a bang but I am getting back to basics, if you will: looking at my social media sites and updating them, looking at my website and realizing I haven’t posted in over a year, etc etc. My business partner and I (Fallgren Armories, but he doesn’t have a website at the moment) are looking at 3-4 potential fairs in the late summer/fall and we will be getting ready early this time (nothing like leaving fair prep til two weeks before). I’ve got soooo many ideas, not enough time, probably not enough money, but I’m moving forward anyway.

If you haven’t checked out the etsy shop in a while give it a look, it has absolutely transformed. I am having so much fun thinking up new potion bottle holders, crazy journal ideas, and everything else under the sun (I may have tried crochet and embroidery over the Christmas break because I cannot sit still). Keep an eye here, one of the goals for 2020 is to maintain this thing and share ideas/photos/crafting goodness.

Here’s to a happening 2020!

One thought on “What Happened To Me In 2019

  1. Hi! It’s hard for me to find you! I had ordered bookmark from you awhile back, I wanted to order another 4 on lettuce Help !I don’t speak & not very good at order ty Karen Henry


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