Oh hey it’s 2022.

It feels awkward coming back to this space after … two years? I even looked into how to switch blogging platforms to avoid the awkwardness, figured out that would be difficult, started experimenting with themes instead and then spent more time fixing all the bugs I created by switching themes. So here we are. The shop’s been open the whole time, life just clobbered us.

And I know life clobbered everyone in 2020 but for that whole year, when someone asked us how we were doing, we ended the story by saying “oh and then there was Covid”. We adopted three cats and one dog. One kid got diagnosed with T1D. Job shenanigans, another kid had mono … and I came down with a disability in the form of chronic pain. MRIs and X-Rays show a beautiful, healthy spine and nothing in my hip area so we have no explanation for why I’m in enough pain to need a wheelchair and a cane. I’ve got a regimen of pain meds and, a year and a half in, I’ve got a routine that allows me to do life somewhat and spend some time in the studio.

Now … last post I mentioned there was a super secret project I had finished. I had to dig through old photos to find evidence .. basically I made 2,000 journals for the Bookworm Box. It was an amazing experience, taught us all a lot, and is something I don’t think I’d do again, unless someone paid me a LOT. I still sometimes dream about making those adorable little journals.

My partner got married and left (Fallgren Armories) … one day we hope to collaborate again but family first, always. We didn’t (obviously) do the Santa Fe RenFaire in 2020, but we were able to participate in 2021. Despite me being disabled and not being as prepared as I’d like to have been we had our best year ever. We’re hoping to be back this year as well … I’m already prepping since I’m so slow nowadays.

And now you’re caught up! I have no goals really for 2022, aside from a vague desire to out-sell 2021, which wouldn’t be too hard given I had to put the shop on vacation repeatedly. I’m building the shop back up, redoing some sections and simply making more stock. I’m also trying out new patterns and projects as time and energy are available. Fingers crossed yeah?

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