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Dark Alice Postcards

I’ve been mulling over creating a travel kit … leather journal with postcards and some sort of washi tape or photo corners … and then when you were on vacation or traveling you could write experiences in the moment, send the postcard to yourself, and then add it to the journal once you’re home … perhaps adding more details and info in between postcards. I’m still working on the idea, as I’m not sure yet how to display both sides of the postcard.

In the meantime I’ve gone to my favorite clip-art shop, DigitalCurio, for awesome postcard images. I put together this Dark Alice set and it’s live in the shop … eight different designs, either for snail mail or for the artwork, which is drool-worthy. I know this because my eldest child wanted every postcard as they came off the printer:)

I also made my TikTok debut with this postcard set … my kids totally didn’t make fun of me and were totally proud haha. If you’d like to see it …. here you go. My apologies beforehand … I didn’t really know how to navigate music choices and it took a phone call to my tech-savvy brother to figure out how to speed up portions. But I think I can get in to TikTok … short and sweet clips is where it’s at, and that’s all I really have time for.

I’ll have more postcard sets coming out this month … and if you have any thoughts or ideas for future postcards feel free to drop a comment:)

Art on, my fellow crafters:)

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