Embossed Leather Corset

This month one of my big projects was working on this corset. I have some new press stamps that I want to use on the next one but for this I stuck to my smaller dragonfly, butterfly, and flower stamps.

The dye I used was Eco-Flow’s Antique Gel. I am obsessed with this dye and keep on using it for various projects. It does tend to get on everything so I use gloves when applying … I usually start with a rag to apply it and then switch to fingers to make sure every bit is properly covered.

I like to use paracord to lace it up … very stretchy so one size fits many. I know how to lace it, but describing how … I have issues haha. But I do need to come up with some sort of instruction sheet for it …

This corset is up in the shop and I can do different colors/stamps/etc. As always, art on:)

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