Meet Rebecca



I like to say that I’m a Fine Art Doodler, Maker of Messes, or that I run on coffee and dream in patterns. More recently I’ve added “Preserver of Memories” to my title description as I master the art of bookbinding in all of the glorious variations available.

Because I don’t like to sit still I also make other things.

When I’m not making messes in my studio (pictures below!!!) I also spend time parenting my children in the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico) and living life with my biggest supporter and husband, Mr. Wordsremember.

Thanks for stopping by! I typically post 2-3 times per week, usually “Monday Thoughts”, “Wordless Wednesdays” and on Friday “Wordy Weekend Links”. Because I don’t like to feel boxed in I occasionally throw a wrench in my well-planned blogging scheme, but that’s an artist for you.

You can also follow me on Facebook (pretty pictures!), Twitter (I blab a lot about life), Instagram (more pretty pictures on a more consistent basis!), Pinterest (stuff from my store and future inspirations), and of course Etsy.


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