Meet Rebecca

Hi! Here’s a picture smorgasbord.


I started Wordsremember in 2015. I had just had a baby (I also had two older kids), left a job I enjoyed to move to a different state, and was forging a brave new path with my partner: he had a full time job! I could stay home! I was homeschooling! Life was perfect!

Except it wasn’t.

By then I knew I had postpartum depression, or PPD for short. This was on top of an eating disorder in my teens that had lasted for eight years, along with compulsive behaviors and probably depression. I did not yet know that I had anxiety (that lovely surprise came later, on Mother’s Day Eve 2017, as my dad frantically drove me to the hospital because I thought I was having a heart attack) but I was suffering from the consequences. I needed to do something, to have a project I could focus on. So we started a blog (this one!) and we both shared our creations (if you go back far enough you can still see Kerry’s writings). Then I completely stole the name and the blog because I had fallen in love with it;)

My earliest efforts were awful. I had no idea what I was doing. But I persevered, taught myself the things I needed to know, honed my craft and fell in love with new ones. I’m still finding my way, but it’s always been an exciting thing to think about: what else can I do? Where else can Wordsremember take me?

So thank you for stopping by! If you’d like you can also follow me on Facebook (pretty pictures!), Twitter (I blab a lot about life), Instagram (more pretty pictures and rambling), Pinterest (stuff from my store and future inspirations), and of course Etsy.


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