Altered Book Art

Another Upcycled Project

This was Himself's idea; when I announced what I was making He was all "SEEEEEE!!!! I DOOOO help you!!!!!" Because I mentioned recently I kinda sorta maybe wanted a business partner to help carry the load (I'm not making enough money to justify that but I have plans) and He was just a teensy bit hurt,… Continue reading Another Upcycled Project

Altered Book Art

How to Rescue a Book

Upcycled Journal, Book Journal Vintage, Artist Journal, Vintage Charles Dickens Cover, Writer, Coptic Journal. I've rescued a book! This old Charles Dickens book literally fell apart and I was inspired to upcycle it. This is how I did it;)   Bookbinding lesson #1: don't pierce your finger with an awl. It hurts. BUT if you… Continue reading How to Rescue a Book

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Some things not to do at your brother’s wedding.

The wedding was amazing. Gorgeous, memorable, all those things. My brother and (now!) sister-in-law know how to throw a party. But. As their calligrapher, I learned a few things. Look at these signs: They look nice, right? I nonchalantly volunteered to do these signs thinking "how hard can it be? It's only chalk!" Turns out… Continue reading Some things not to do at your brother’s wedding.