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Some things not to do at your brother’s wedding.

The wedding was amazing. Gorgeous, memorable, all those things. My brother and (now!) sister-in-law know how to throw a party. But. As their calligrapher, I learned a few things. Look at these signs: They look nice, right? I nonchalantly volunteered to do these signs thinking "how hard can it be? It's only chalk!" Turns out… Continue reading Some things not to do at your brother’s wedding.

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Penning “Love”, Pt. 2

I've been busily running to various craft stores, cutting, measuring, writing, TOTALLY FREAKING OUT. And I'm not the bride, nor do I have the most important job. Just the decor. Sooooo glad this isn't my wedding😊 My brother and lovely bride asked me to do "love" in Russian. I think it came out lovely. Love… Continue reading Penning “Love”, Pt. 2