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Grey Dreams and Luscious Lavenders

Welcome 2019! 2018 was a doozy, and the Christmas season completely wiped me out. Thank you to everyone who shopped small and handmade: you allow us small creators to pursue our dreams. When I finally wandered back into the studio after collapsing over the Christmas break I was drawn to my grey and lavender leathers… Continue reading Grey Dreams and Luscious Lavenders

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Wordless Wednesday-More Leather (but you have to imagine Samwise saying that, although if you’re not an LOTR fan this won’t make sense at all so just ignore me).

Art · bookbinding · Handmade Books

I’m a leather worker.

I'm about to segue into gaming territory;) So back when I first met Kerry World of Warcraft was our game of choice. I rolled a female dwarf hunter and had no idea what I was doing, but I had a lot of fun wandering around the snow capped mountains that surrounded Ironforge (oh my gosh,… Continue reading I’m a leather worker.

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All I’ve Been Creating Lately are Journals HAAAAAALLLLP.

My next art fair is this upcoming weekend and I'm excited but also a bit nervous-am I ready? Am I bringing enough of the things that I think will sell? I want money (because I worked hard! Validate me haha). I want people to looooooovvveeee me. I want to make a good impression. All of… Continue reading All I’ve Been Creating Lately are Journals HAAAAAALLLLP.