Introducing “Vibrance”

  "Vibrance" will be available soon; I had an enjoyable interlude at FedEx getting it scanned (at 11x14 it is too big for my scanner) and I bought a Bugs Bunny flash drive. It'll also be available as an original. Happy Monday!!!!! Almost Thanksgiving!!!!!!!


“Jungle Beauty”

"Jungle Beauty" is a combination of drawing, watercolors, and acrylics. I sprung for all the expensive things so it's fully archival (there's a post coming about that word) and worth the price I set. You can find it in the etsy store, $125 (if you'd like a print let me know and I'll get it… Continue reading “Jungle Beauty”


Well, I love it.

So I think I'll submit this to a local art fair. I'm both looking forward and dreading the juried response.   Of course, if you're interested, just let me knowūüėČ I'm going to price it at $150 (includes the frame but not shipping).      And the process. And it's Friday. It's been a week, so… Continue reading Well, I love it.

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Iesu Christi, A Zendoodled Cross

I've been creating pieces for the etsy shop and working on my coloring book (still have NO idea how I'm going to publish it). It's going well, I've had the occasional inspiration, but I was feeling bleh about the whole thing. So I went with the artistic flow and decided to create a cross. I… Continue reading Iesu Christi, A Zendoodled Cross

Weekend Links

Wordy Weekend Links

Some weeks I stumble across¬†oodles of articles and blog posts that are amazing, insightful, and re-post worthy. This week, however, I felt like I was scrounging for material. That might be because I was a bit down, myself, and not finding many things inspiring. It's just my¬†usual, I'm-not-a-brilliant-artist slump. I've decided to think of it… Continue reading Wordy Weekend Links