How October Was and How I Hope November Will Be.

Guys, October was a bummer. I talked about how to survive a slow craft show but Etsy was crickets as well, so I'm glad it's over and that America is getting the political shenanigans out of the way today (election years are poop for many retail stores, because no one wants to spend money). Hopefully tomorrow people… Continue reading How October Was and How I Hope November Will Be.

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Musings: Where Am I Going?

My studio is a wreck. So of course it's a good time to ponder the upcoming year. Because this one is so slow. (I did clean up a bit last night as I was going through inventory because I couldn't find anything) -I've had a good year, and I think it will be even better this… Continue reading Musings: Where Am I Going?


How I Did: August 2016 Edition

This is timely, because yesterday I was looking around at our amazing new house and thinking "what am I doing to help pay for this"? That's silly, of course, we wouldn't be where we are without me pulling my weight, but I have always felt just a bit off when I didn't have a regular… Continue reading How I Did: August 2016 Edition