New Product: Alphabet Postcards

I wasn’t sure I wanted to do postcards-the profit margin is significantly less and it would mean I needed to buy another fixture (for the art fairs) and of course Etsy charges the same per listing no matter the price. But I printed a couple out and they looked AMAZEBALLS so I went with it. Always good to have a lower priced add-on. You can find the entire alphabet here on Etsy.

Happy Monday! Art on, my friends.


Friday Fail. But New Things!

This week has not been a good week for me remembering to write blog posts. I have ALL THE OTHER THINGS to do, and they’ve been FUN. I’m so excited for the letters, for the bookmarks (I have a LAMINATOR!!!!), and everything else. But between homeschooling, feeding everyone, keeping the apartment somewhat in order, and all the new art projects, I’ve just had a week. My enthusiasm will die down to a manageable level soon, and everything will be back to normal.

So I’ll show you pictures today instead. I’m not satisfied with the bookmark listing photos; I’m going to do them again today with a different background. The lamination makes it hard to keep the colors true-to-form. The letters I’m happy with, except for the B. Not sure what to do with that one.

The Love Cards are here!

“Love Cards” is a category on Etsy. I find this funny; is it funny? Anyway.

Individual cards are $3.95+ shipping, sets of four $15+shipping, and I’ve got a 10% coupon going (enter LOVE10 at checkout).

The Next Round.

Polishing photographs, editing the listings … it’s actually cool to see how far I’ve come in regards to optimizing my listings.

So here is one new listing, named by Himself (and that’s why he never was allowed to name any of our kids); and three renewed listings.