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A tour of my studio. In black and white.

I've been waiting for the moment I clean everything up and put everything back in place, but I am one of those people that destroy in order to create and putting it all back together takes precious time away. Not to say I never clean up, I do, but it never looks "amazing" and like… Continue reading A tour of my studio. In black and white.


Goals: September 2016 Edition

So now that most of my big purchases are made, I want to start thinking about making some sort of actual revenue. It won't happen this year, I've spent too much, but perhaps next year. To that end, I've been trying to streamline what I do: I've got my etsy shop, my amazon handmade shop… Continue reading Goals: September 2016 Edition


July 2016 Goals and Dreams

Happy Day-After-The-Fourth! I went for a 3-mile run, the family went for a 2-mile hike with icecream at the end, and then we took the bus to our town's massive 4th of July celebration. We lasted three hours before the littlest was DONE, which meant we missed the fireworks. We were not sad. So. Goals… Continue reading July 2016 Goals and Dreams