Rugged and Rustic … New Travel Journals Await!

I've been contemplating the idea of doing lines ... i.e. a summer line, fall line, etc ... if I can get my frenetic brain in order it may actually happen. In the meantime I have been on a rugged kick ... raggedy leather edges, wanderlust charms, ruggedly ruggedness ...   You can find this black… Continue reading Rugged and Rustic … New Travel Journals Await!

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All the New Shinies

I got out my new watercolor set and let the muse flow. You can buy the print or a postcard! Remember to laugh! You can buy the print or a postcard and gift to yourself or your favorite yogi:) The family that games together stays together ... I've been having so much fun making leather and… Continue reading All the New Shinies

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All the new things.

What with school, the Christmas season, and fair season ... ugh. I have no words. But I've made the things, so I'll show them to you. Rugged passport wallet ... this is one of my favorite leathers at the moment. Space for your passport, papers, and cards. This gorgeousness happened because of a customer request.… Continue reading All the new things.

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Practice, practice, and practice some more … a leatherworker I shall be.

Today I started taking myself seriously as a leatherworker. By take myself seriously, I mean I could see getting a business loan and really going for it, not just the cautious slow crawl I've been doing. I'm not going to do that, I think my organic shuffling is better for me (because I'm learning more… Continue reading Practice, practice, and practice some more … a leatherworker I shall be.

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I don’t know all the words.

I'm an artist who doesn't really know how to talk about art. I know terms like "abstract" and "modern" but any further breakdown into categories and I'm completely lost. The same with techniques: I've probably done a few of them but that's just experimenting; I'd look at you blankly if you were to give those… Continue reading I don’t know all the words.