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Make them drool.

As a small business owner, as an artisan: you have to spin a web of product deliciousness that appeals to your customers. This is something I think about frequently as I decide how to price things: it can be tempting to think "no one would pay that price for that item" but that's simply not… Continue reading Make them drool.


July 2016 Goals and Dreams

Happy Day-After-The-Fourth! I went for a 3-mile run, the family went for a 2-mile hike with icecream at the end, and then we took the bus to our town's massive 4th of July celebration. We lasted three hours before the littlest was DONE, which meant we missed the fireworks. We were not sad. So. Goals… Continue reading July 2016 Goals and Dreams


On Dreams

I've been swamped these past two days. I received a commission to draw a tattoo. That will actually be tattooed on somebody. I remember walking into my first tattoo parlor many moons ago (mother, skip this part if it distresses you) and thinking this is so cool I want to do this!!!!! But at the time… Continue reading On Dreams