I Am Become Death.

I did not suddenly go morbid on you: I am thinking about doing an illumination for an upcoming art show. I can’t decide between these two quotations:

I want to use a gothic font and black and gold, but of course that could change/vary as I go deeper into the project. What do you think? Which quote is more death-y?

And a word of warning: make sure you’ve had a good morning before you go hunting for quotes about death. And a few cups of coffee. And then go out into the sunshine.

The places we go when the muse calls, though. Am I right?

Art on, my friends!


New Artwork: “Love” and “Friend”

I’m continuing my foray into Chinese calligraphy by rendering the very generic symbols for “love” and “friend“. I picked up a few books about the history of Chinese calligraphy and I’m just itching to take a course (my preferred method of learning, rather ironic since I was homeschooled and am homeschooling my kids). Years of learning there. Fascinating, fascinating history. And of course so beautiful.

And Art On, my friends:) Happy Hump Day!

The Elementals

I’ve been wanting to dive into the world of Chinese calligraphy for quite some time, but I’ve been a bit hesitant because I’m not familiar with the language or the culture (besides several history classes taught by an incredible husband-wife team). But since I already have the symbols for “fire” and “wind” tattooed on my person I decided to jump in.

I think “Water” is my favorite in terms of color, but I’m also quite pleased with my cleverness in combining “Earth” with Uncial calligraphy, which looks remarkably like Hobbit-writing;)

These are available as prints and as greeting cards. I’ve given a discount if you buy the complete set:)

And Happy Monday-Art On, my friends!

A Wordless Wednesday

That was a thing, right? Wordless Wednesdays? Of course by asking that I’ve made this post not wordless but OH WELL.

In the midst of being sick I still managed to doodle. I doodled two different borders for my new line of Christmas Cards, and I’m not sure which one I like better. They’re black and white on purpose-I wanted something simple and elegant.

So …. thoughts? I’ll probably end up offering both; when fall rolls around the Christmas items on Etsy practically flood the place so I’d like a shot at being seen;) I’ve also got Noel, Joy, and Peace. You can find them here.

And my Wordless Wednesday hasn’t been wordless. It was a good idea though.

Art on, my friends!