Steel Delights (or “Oh Crap I Forgot It’s Been 11 Years!” gift)

I've been steadily chipping away at my super secret, huge and awesome project (hopefully I've mentioned it? I'm too blargh and blah to go through older posts to find out for myself) but I've not had much time left over to work on other things. Until yesterday, when I got out my chainmail supplies and… Continue reading Steel Delights (or “Oh Crap I Forgot It’s Been 11 Years!” gift)

Business & Marketing

All the New Shinies

I got out my new watercolor set and let the muse flow. You can buy the print or a postcard! Remember to laugh! You can buy the print or a postcard and gift to yourself or your favorite yogi:) The family that games together stays together ... I've been having so much fun making leather and… Continue reading All the New Shinies

Art · Chainmaille

I’m a chainmaille addict. Halp.

We went to GenCon50 (more on that later) and I took classes on bookbinding (to see if I was missing any crucial bit of knowledge) and also chainmaille ... it took me the whole class to figure out what was going on (and indeed, that was the whole class ... figuring out how to make… Continue reading I’m a chainmaille addict. Halp.