A fleet of ships.

For my latest story me and the kids came up with the Rainbow Doom. The two design agencies, Daughterspawn, INC and EldestBoyThing, LLC had deep and classical disputes over the design. He wanted PIRATE WOODEN SHIP WITH CANNONS.  She wanted COTTON CANDY SAILS AND PEANUT M&Ms. I suggested we start with an upside down turtle… Continue reading A fleet of ships.


“Rejoice”, Pt 1

"Rejoice" is a joint collaboration for a commission. The idea was to blend mountains, hills, and the verse "Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice". So Kerry got to work creating the lines of the mountains with a geometric pattern.He decided to get creative with the bottom hill and wove the verse… Continue reading “Rejoice”, Pt 1


How to Price Your Art

If anyone knows, let me know. I kid. But this is something we've been working on for a while. What factors do you take into account? Size, complexity, mediums used? How you value your time? It's enough to make you throw paint at the wall (I haven't done that, I've only thought about doing it).… Continue reading How to Price Your Art